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right handed worm drive saw

Because the motor is placed parallelly right behind the blade. When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Many of its components are made using magnesium, reducing its weight even further and allowing it to be hung from the ceiling with its retractable hook. There is also the issue of over-cutting. Are you considering powerful cutting capabilities? But first, you have to understand two things where one is RPM and another is Torque. Like I mentioned earlier, a worm drive saw is a type of circular saw. It also has a Cut-Ready system that makes it easy to measure the depth you are cutting at, as well as how much further you will need to go. Skillsaw is the first company that created the worm drive and is the most reliable brand in the worm drive circular saw… The opposite is also true – a medium-sized saw might struggle to cut through a thick metal plate or beam, but it can manage eventually. The first big and most important difference is in the mechanism of both types. Milwaukee Worm Drive Circular Saw 6477-20 7-1/4-inch. Its standard 15-amp motor allows the blade to spin at 4,400 RPM, enough to easily cut through a huge range of materials. This saw is big, strong and tough, perfect for professional work in almost any environment. This high-efficiency saw uses specialized gears to provide far more power than a normal design. Differences between Worm Drive Saw, And a Circular Saw. This simple, durable worm drive saw takes a basic design and expands on it, providing strong cuts and great performance without getting too complicated. You will adapt eventually, but it is easy to overshoot a certain point you were cutting to, and you won’t have the same level of gravity helping to pull your saw down onto the cutting surface. Uses hardened steel for vital components. The main body is made with magnesium, reducing its total weight and offering more durability than plastic parts. As a result, it is slimmer than the regular saw. Bob Robinson has been a tool enthusiast and lawn care expert for the past 11 years. A worm drive circular saw is perfect for this kind of task. A worm drive saw is generally more powerful than a sidewinder saw, making them more desirable for cutting metals and other strong materials. What are the advantages of a worm drive circular saw? The same should be said for online purchases: always read up on the specifics of a saw before buying it since you never know what you will miss. The distinction isn’t quite as clear as it once was. Battery Power Type. The blade used in the SPT70V-11 is specially made by SKILSAW for this saw, avoiding common problems caused by incorrectly-sized blades. Brushed. On the other hand, if a saw is too light, it might actually become equally annoying to use. Because the worm drive circular saw is heavier and longer, it has the blade situated on the left side of the saw. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The worm gear operably engages the driven gear, which in turn operably engages the elevation shaft. Only getting the best worm drive circular saw can ensure all of those features. Saws come in all shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t mean they are all applicable to the same situations. This worm drive saw has an extremely simple design and visual style, but it is still very powerful. That is the reason it is called a direct-drive or sidewinder circular saw.On the other hand, a worm drive saw has a mechanical design where the motor is right behind the blade. You’ll find the worm drive saw reviews are accomplished with a buying guide to … Knowing what to look for when buying a worm drive saw can save you a lot of time, money and stress in the future. Apart from the lightweight and compact-size features, sidewinders are also preferred for its low cost and low maintenance. With a left-handed saw, the righty people are supposed to saw the cutting line and bevels clearly to perform accurate and safe cuts. Makita 5477NB Hypoid Circular Saw. That is not the only problem you need to watch out for, though. This worm drive saw has a custom wrench that you can use to swap out any of its parts, ensuring that you will always have maintenance and repair tools within reach if something goes wrong. Where the East hails sidewinders, the people of the West and Midwest loves worm drive saw more. The SPT77W is a lightweight and accurate worm drive saw that is built for precise cuts. Ideal for tough applications. This saw is another example of a basic design turned into something very practical, with the extra features making it much more efficient at dealing with thicker surfaces. To help reduce the amount of maintenance you will have to do, this worm drive saw has been constructed using oil bath technology to keep its internal parts lubricated longer. So, what do you think about worm drive circular saw vs. regular saw comparison? It is called worm drive because of the meaning of the word ‘worm’. Harbor Freight has corded and cordless circular saws to meet any project or budget. The fact that you can measure the cut depth and bevel quite far opens up even more ways to use the saw, too. A proper right-handed circular saw with all the convenient features wrapped into a light-weight, easy-to-use package. As on most full-size worm-drive saws, the blade of this Skil HD77 sits to the motor's left — in easy view for right-handed users. This worm drive saw is relatively low weight which also makes it easy to transport, and reduces fatigue from long-term use. To back up its power, it uses a die-cast magnesium footplate to keep every cut precise, as well as keeping the weight down. However, biasness can be seen between the right-handed and the left-handed carpenters. This worm drive saw is designed for single, thorough cuts that slice through a material in one attempt, boasting a 6-1/4 inch cutting capacity and the ability to chop through lumber with ease. For example, a loose blade might bounce around inside the saw and cut through its internal parts, leaving you with a ruined tool that can’t be repaired easily. Why? GALAX PRO 10 A 5800 RPM Hand-Held Circular Saw, Bevel Angle(0 to 45°) Joint Cuts with 7-1/4 Inch Blade, Adjustable Cutting Depth (1-5/8" to 2-1/2") for Wood and Logs Cutting-GP76331 ... DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw, 15-Amp, Worm Drive (DWS535B) 4.9 out of 5 stars 259. I have an old worm drive 12" beam saw that has the blade on the right. We expect a certain amount of weight from powerful tools, and it is easy for your brain to trick yourself. If you are trying to cut heavy and thick boards with a regular circular saw, our condolences are with you. It is a comfort and confidence preference. It is the task that matters the most. But the torque is higher in the worm drive because of the worm gear mechanism. Remove Advertisements. Here, the following parameters will help you choose the right tool for the task. This might not matter with poles, beams and other objects that you can rotate, but trying to slice through a stationary surface can become really hard. The hardened steel gears used internally are able to endure high torque without wearing out, which reduces how often you will need to perform maintenance. If you are in search of a decent worm … I have many circular saws and have owned many more over the decades. You should also take the advantages of a worm drive into account. The higher RPM makes it perfect for cross cuts and crafting softer woods. Worm Drive Vs Hypoid Circular Saw: Which Fits You Better? – Ultimate Cutting Guide. You may fall into a trap if you can’t purchase the right one ensuring all features. This worm drive saw is simple, taking a basic design and adding to it without being too complicated for first-time users. This powerful worm drive saw uses a 15-amp motor to provide 4,500 RPM of cutting power at all times, fitting it all inside a relatively compact and lightweight body. This means that you have a narrow space to reach confined spaces. If a saw won’t actually lock into place, you never know when it might swing the wrong way or flip upwards, which can put you in danger and completely ruin the precise cut you were working on. Worm drive vs standard circular saw: Which is easier to use? So, don’t just take shots in the dark and know more about sidewinder vs. worm drive saw. Magnesium Worm Drive Circular Saw with 24-Tooth Carbide Tipped Diablo Blade. This worm drive saw provides accurate cuts thanks to its clear design, which makes it really easy to track your cutting angle and direction from the left side. Now I’m enjoying the lighter weight, as well as the ergonomics of this saw. The bigger the saw, the bigger the blade, and there is only so far you can go before it becomes impractical. You know how one needs to improvise to make crafts and work in tight spaces. The hand-held circular saws that we think of today really became popular in 1923, with the invention of the Worm-Drive Saw from a company which later became SkilSaw. Its 15-amp motor provides enough power to keep it spinning for long periods of time, and the durable construction helps prevent the usual wear and tear that your saws might experience. If you want to purchase the … It is strong, powerful and able to make accurate cuts without weighing you down. A worm drive circular saw can help add the torque you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. ... Hand Tools. This makes it perfect for entry-level work and cutting through common material types. The Makita 5477NB hypoid circular saw is a close cousin of … In addition, the worm drive saw’s exterior allows for quick one-handed adjustments using various rubberized levers. You should feel comfortable using the saw because if you aren’t comfortable with it then you most certainly won’t be using it with confidence and that is how we risk losing our important Peter pointers and Birdie flippers. The following criterion will give you a proper idea about the differences between a worm drive and a regular circular saw. For angled cuts, this worm drive saw can bevel by up to 53 degrees, so you aren’t limited to straightforward 90-degree cuts. Compared to regular saws, a worm drive saw offers better torque and better cutting efficiency on tough materials. After talking to some carpenters, we saw some biasness in their tool preference. However, this all depends on the technical side of its design: there is no guarantee that every model will fill your needs perfectly. The powerful 15-amp motor means that you are able to saw through tough materials really easily, and the built-in anti-snag guard ensures that none of the wood shavings can jam the blade. The regular saw also needs some maintenance, but the other one requires more attention. The main difference is the position of the blade, as well as the way that you grip them relative to the cutting surface. The average power saw can cut through metal in seconds, so even the weakest saw you can find might still cut through skin and bone before you have a chance to protect yourself. Regular or sidewinder saw has the motor on the sides that makes it wider and requires more space to cut. This worm drive saw has a total bevel capacity of 53 degrees, with pre-set sopping points at 45 degrees and 22.5 degrees, allowing for angled cuts. Because of this, it gives the worm drive circular saw a narrow profile. Why? This worm drive saw also has a heavy-duty shoe design that is meant to resist warping and bending, making it easier to keep your cuts accurate even during long jobs. Because the motor is placed parallelly right behind the blade. This worm drive saw also comes with a multi-function wrench that you can use for general repairs. This, alongside the strong 15-amp motor, gives it a standard cutting capacity of 2-3/8 inches at the default angle. The chainsaw-style grips of this worm drive saw are only the tip of the iceberg. It even has a built-in fan that helps prevent dust build-up and removes other sources of internal damage. In fact, some of them might even end up being worse than your average sidewinder design. The DEWALT DCS577X1 uses a brushless motor and magnesium shoe to ensure that it can cut smoothly and consistently every time. When I run it, I feel most comfortable with my left hand in the rear handle. This worm drive saw can bevel by up to 51 degrees at almost any time, letting you create angled cut in any material. This worm drive saw’s most notable feature is the dual-field 15-amp motor, which is cooler than usual and can provide more power than your average saw motor. John’s fascination with power tools and machinery made him a good crafter, along with a good reviewer. Now, Bob runs the editorial team at BestofMachinery and tends to his garden in his spare time. This simple worm drive saw is made with very light magnesium, cutting down on its total weight and making it far easier to use for extended periods of time. A sidewinder drive will have the blade on the right side whereas the worm drive saw will have the blade on its left side. A right hand helical gear or right hand worm is one in which the teeth twist clockwise as they recede from an observer looking along the axis. Why are worm drive saws left-handed? The narrower, longer, blade-left worm drive saws give right-handed users a better sight line. Another great feature of a worm drive saw is that you can easily view what you are cutting while the blade is positioned towards the left for left-handed people and towards the right for right-handed folks. 20. You never know when a wooden wall can be hiding a pipe, or a panel on a table can be covering some of your other important equipment. A worm drive saw has a motor that is parallel to the blade. High RPM and low torque provided by a sidewinder saw are perfect for mid-range tasks and DIY projects. Saw Drive Type. I have been using a 16lb worm drive saw most of my life. The cord protection system helps protect the power cord from harm, as well as stopping you from jerking it out of position with sudden movements. SKILSAW SPT70V-11 Worm Drive Circular Saw, 2. Sawreviewer is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Or, budget and easy handling features? To stop the blade from jamming, it has an anti-snag guard, which also helps you cut accurately. Cut depth is often directly linked to blade size, although the design can play a part too. Well, dig some more and you will find eye-opening differences between the two types. Compact-size and lightweight features are the reasons behind it. Both heavy and light saws can be a pain to use in different circumstances. For powerful cutting, low RPM and high torque is the clear winner and worm drive can get serious industrial projects done. Let’s say you buy a random worm drive saw off the shelf without understanding its specifics: you won’t know if a certain blade is supposed to fit into it, or how often you are supposed to maintain it. In a mechanical dictionary, it means something spiral and the screw-shaped top part has spiral linings.That’s all about worm drive and a thorough discussion on worm drive saw vs. direct drive saw is the next item on the menu. Good choice for right-handed operators. Torque, however, means how smoothly a saw can cut large and thick pieces. John has been a freelance writer for 10+ years, focusing mainly on professional tools, consumer product reviews, overviews, and how-to articles based on his real-life crafting experience and product tests. Can a 10 inch Miter Saw Cut a 4×4? Some models give you ways of adjusting your cut depth, and others will have it adjust based on how far you’ve beveled, but this isn’t always in your control. This worm drive saw can be used almost entirely in one hand if needed, and its low weight means that you won’t hurt your arm if you need to perform a lot of cuts in a short span of time. We have declared that direct-drive circular saw is easier to use but it should not lead you to take a decision. Reading circular saw vs. miter saw can help you get an idea about another useful tool. The blade on a sidewinder is usually on the right (the Bosch CS5 is a sidewinder designed specifically to have the blade on the left). SKILSAW SPT70V-11 Worm Drive Circular Saw, 4. Maintenance: Worm drive circular saw requires more maintenance work. First of all, it has the cutting capability unmatched by the other one.You may find the extra weight as a disadvantage but it makes the saw more stable. The high strength it offers means that it won't be stopped by glue, stick materials, or other layers that might get in the way of your cuts. Another important advantage of worm drive saw is the left-side placement of the blade. If you don’t know what a worm drive saw is, you have probably seen one without knowing its name. But that is not a 100% correct statement because professionals don’t choose tools thinking which part of the country they are on. Laser Guide. Band Saw Vs Table Saw: The Ultimate Comparison, Difference Between Chop Saw and Miter Saw [In Depth Details], How to Use a Circular Saw: Step-by-Step Guide for Newbie. Worm drive saws and hypoid saws are very similar in that they have the motor at the rear of the saw instead of to the immediate left or right of the saw, like with a sidewinder. Learn more. Cordless Worm Drive Style Saw with FLEXVOLT® 20V/60V MAX* 9.0 Ah battery offers big runtime. A regular circular saw has a design where the motor is placed beside the blade. This is changing, however. To help prevent performance issues, this saw has been given an anti-snag guard at the bottom to stop debris from blocking the blade’s path. Rotations can be limited but techniques can be applied to increase the torque of a device. Worm drive saws have the motor at the rear of the power tool, with gears oriented at 45° angles. For all intents and purposes, right hand saws are righties and left hand saws are for lefties but that does not mean one cannot use the other. Are you confused between worm drive circular saw vs regular saw as both looks almost the same? We hope you enjoyed our article on "10 Best Worm Drive Saws in 2020", if so, please share and rate it. Having the blade on the left side of the saw is standard for worm-drive saws and battery powered circular saws. The blade is oriented to the left of the motor and the handle is at the rear to optimize line of sight when cutting. Circular saws have traditionally fallen into the two distinct yet similarly serpentine-sounding categories of sidewinder and worm drive. It is the best cordless circular saw and without the cords, you can cut plywood quickly and safely. Here are ten different worm drive saw models that might be perfect for your next cutting job, as well as some reasons they are worth picking up. Worm Drive. Stand. The internal gears are heat-treated to prevent usual wear and tear, and the entire saw has been built using oil bath technology for maximum performance. They are 49% efficient at 300:1 ratio and 90% efficient at 5:1. The real risk comes when something goes wrong. More efficient than a standard worm drive saw. If you need to cut through thick materials on a large scale, this worm drive saw boasts enough power to slice right through without jamming or getting worn out. This depends on how often you use it and the kinds of materials it is cutting through, though. After doing market research, you will find that regular saw costs less than worm drive saw. As we are focusing on powerful and deep cutting capabilities, you should also know about miter saw. Yes. One thing to note about worm drive saws and hypoid saws is that while they appear very similar, the biggest difference between the two is their gear systems. First working with John Deere to reduce their impact on the environment, whilst building his love for writing in his spare time. right- if you hold the saw in your right hand while cutting, you can easily watch where the blade is in relation to the line. Helpfully, it also has a rafter hook that you can use to attach it to hanging points or hangars for easy storage. The saw also has a strong electric brake, which activates when you release the trigger. The pick is pretty obvious here, and it is the standard circular saw. Heavy designs come with all the issues you’d expect: arm fatigue, awkward balance, no way to hold them with one hand, and so on. Shop this Collection (318) Model# SPT77WM-22 A worm gear consists of two parts where one is called worm screw and another is worm wheel.As you can see one in the picture, this allows the motor of the circular saw to be placed just behind the blade parallelly.So, why is it called a worm drive? Bevel capacity is 53° with stops at 45° and 22.5°. Blades found on the worm drive are also similar, however, worm drive saws will often have the blade located on the left of the saw, allowing a clearer line of sight for those who are right-handed. DeWalt DWS779 Review: Is It Worth Your Money? Sidewinder The motor sits alongside the blade, making for a lighter (11 pounds or less) saw, which is more maneuverable over a long day than a worm drive. Right. This heavy-duty saw uses a big blade that can slice through nearly any material with ease, often letting you cut right through in a single attempt. If you are looking for a lightweight circular saw, direct drive circular saw is the one, and it is approximately 2-5 pounds lighter than the worm drive saw. Many saws are built for a specific job type or purpose – even if they can handle another situation, that doesn’t mean that they are the best choice for it. With my other worm drives with the blade on the left, I feel most comfortable with my right hand in the rear handle. Worm Drive Expectations There are many expectations about the circular saw worm drive but it is large. Milwaukee 6477-20 Worm Drive Circular Saw, 10 Best Miter Saws for the Avid D.I.Y Homeowner & Trim Carpenter, The 10 Best Chop Saws For The Money in 2020. This might seem irrelevant at first, but it influences cut line visibility. A worm drive circular saw is perfect for this kind of task. However, a small one might be physically too small to reach all the way through, leaving you with no way to completely separate the two halves. Thankfully, most worm drive saws are designed with grips above and behind the blade itself, so you are not usually going to put yourself in danger. Best Air Reciprocating Saw Reviews in 2020 & Ultimate Guide, Best Worm Drive Circular Saw Reviews 2020 & Secret Guide. If you regularly end up with tired arms, though, a lightweight tool can be a huge relief. This is because of the traditional orientation and for the reason that most of us are right-handed. All of this is designed to stay as cool as possible, avoiding damage from both natural heat and friction. Re: Wormdrive Saws: Left Handed Or Right. Depth Adjustment. Because of the mechanical difference of those saw types, there is an output power difference. This Milwaukee right handed circular saw is my new favorite DIY power tool. Even if you are working with a thin material, a small blade can only cut through so much per minute, which will affect your productivity during long cutting tasks. Like any saw, a worm drive saw can have any number of features and special attributes, but not all of them will actually be useful. This worm drive saw is designed … Sidewinders bring higher rpm but lower torque than worm drive construction saws. If you are trying to cut through an eight-inch surface, but your blade only has a seven-inch cutting depth, you won’t be getting through from one side, no matter how much you try. SKILSAW SPT70V-11 Worm Drive Circular Saw. Traditionally, Worm Drive saws have been blade-left saws while direct drives have been blade-right. The last parameter of the worm drive circular saw vs. regular debate is the price point. Using a pair of gears that are placed at a 90 degree angle, the power is transferred to the blade. It is also sealed in key areas, mainly the gear housing, to prevent water damage and dust from affecting its performance. When the worm gear is rotated in opposite directions, concomitant rotations of the driven gear cause the elevation shaft to move axially up or down, thereby providing leveling motions to an object to which the device is attached. ... SKILSAW 15 Amp Corded Electric 7-1/4 in. So, instead of connecting directly, the motor and the blade is connected by a worm gear. In many situations, you would wish if you had a tool to do the cut. Circular Saw Vs Miter Saw: Which One Should You Pick? You have to regularly lubricate its blade to keep cutting large boards smoothly. Worm drive circular saw uses worm gear, which consists of a straightened metal and a gear wheel.The worm has adjustable efficiency. Now, do you want to know about another type of circular saw that is even better? Worms and worm gears are gear sets that offer high gear reduction and torque multiplication with a small footprint. The designations, right hand and left hand, are the same as in the long established practice for screw threads, both external and internal. This won’t matter much in your own garage, but it can make a difference if you are a contractor who needs to work all across a city. No. $174.20 $ 174. Tool Only + See All. A worm drive is a cylindrical gear with a shallow spiral thread that engages the worm gear in a non-intersecting, perpendicular axes configuration. Worm drive on a circular saw means that it has a motor connected to the blade by a worm gear. Regular or sidewinder saw has the motor on the sides that makes it wider and requires more space to cut. And it's just plain better: more accurate cuts and safer. Left Side vs Right Side Circular Saw Blade. Our heavy duty circular saws are your go-to tool for making fast, clean cuts. Worm Drive VS Sidewinder - Circular Saw Which one is right for you? This provides a clear view of the cutting line and helps you in getting accurate results. In 1928, to get around patents, a direct drive version of the circular saw hit the market from Porter-Cable. Whether you're a lefty or righty, there's a lot of back and forth over whether left-blade or right-blade saws are better. In terms of power, the CSW41 can deliver up to 5,3000 RPM at any time, despite only weighing a mere 13.2 pounds. You can even screw the top handle to either side of the body, letting you use it with your preferred hand. The DWS535B’s design is meant to mix comfort, handling and cutting power really well, and its size means that it can get into smaller spaces than a regular sidewinder saw. The categories generally differ in motor orientation and design, weight, torque, and RPMs. To empowering your workshop for excellent carpentry, you need the best worm drive saw at your hand. This makes it a great choice for basic jobs or people who an entry-level worm drive saw, regardless of the situation. Thanks to its 15-amp motor, it still packs enough power to get through most materials quickly and has a snag guard to stop small shavings from getting stuck in the blade. This worm drive saw is perfect for getting a job done without mistakes, giving you all of the basic features you will want if you are trying to make very accurate and precise cuts. The choice is clear.Get worm drive circular saw for heavier tasks and direct-drive circular saw for mid-range or smaller tasks. For this reason has very much wide application in the industry, including these saws. This includes swapping out the blade, replacing parts, or opening it up for oil and brush-based maintenance. Bosch CSW41 – Best Worm Drive Circular Saw For Household Use. Hi Trombley, We appreciate your interest in the RIDGID THRUCOOL 15 Amp 7-1/4 Because of the blade and handle positioning, lefties prefer regular circular saw and vice-versa. However, it can also bevel by 45 and 51.5 degrees for specific cutting angles, allowing for slightly more versatility in how it is used. Or you can say they are perpendicular to each other, and the motor is directly connected to the blade. What are the advantages of a direct-drive circular saw. An electronic brake helps stop the blade after the trigger is released. SKILSAW SPT70WM-01 SAWSQUATCH Circular Saw, 10. The built-in electronic brake automatically stops the blade when you release the trigger, preventing injuries or accidental cuts while also boosting its overall running time. Top-Rated Worm Drive Saws compared: I'm ambidextrous, but for normal cutting, it's easier with the right hand because of the layout of the saw. RPM means Rotations Per Minute and it resembles the blade’s rotating speed in this matter. As a result, it is slimmer than the regular saw. Practical tools aren’t always easy to modify or adjust in the same way that digital devices can be, and saws are a very clear example of that. SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 Worm Drive Circular Saw, 8. To help keep the cutting surface clear, this worm drive saw also contains a dust blower that helps remove chips and shavings without forcing you to stop and sweep them away by hand. The excellent parts used in this saw make it perfect for cutting through heavy-duty materials, and the bevelling means that you are not always stuck making 90-degree cuts when you really need to cut at a specific angle. However, the main issue is that they become harder to move around. Based on whether you work on the right hand or left hand, using these drives will sightlines and working habits. The facts are that regular circular saw has average speed of 6000 RPM and worm drive saw provides around 4500 RPM. Worm drive saws are powerful cutting tools that fall under the category of “circular saws,” but aren’t the same sidewinder-style models you might be expecting. So, you will get less kickbacks while cutting plywood or other material.Regardless to say, worm drive circular saw is capable of reaching further and tight spaces, which is helpful for construction workers.

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