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i can feel my rabbits spine

I may make a small commission for purchases made through any of my links at no additional charge to you, the purchaser. Rabbit sex demystified. Rabbits are terrified and so they stay still, they are *not* enjoying the experience. Myiasis, or fly strike, is a condition that can result when flies lay eggs on the skin and larvae, or maggots, hatch. My rabbit Peanut is 4 years old. Let me approach this by summarizing some scientifically sound information from some experts: Dr. Varga acknowledges the controversy of this topic by noting that some practitioners will place rabbit’s on their back in order to perform short procedures (such as nail clipping) but that the controversy stems from the viewpoint that rabbits become frozen due to fear. What vitamins and minerals does my Rabbit need? When I first got my little 2-pound bunny Pudge, I would occasionally hold him in my arms on his back. Sciatica. My 6 year old Holland Lop is very fluffy but when I stroke him I can feel his spine a bit and I can feel his hip bones very easily. Is my rabbit fat? are my rabbits too skinny? Spondylosis deformans is a degenerative, non-inflammatory condition which affects a rabbit's spine. Other causes that may lead to back and neck pain are trauma, pain caused by infection, or chronic conditions such an osteoarthritis. As there are other causes of paralysis in rabbits, your rabbit will require a comprehensive exam to determine the cause and type of his paralysis as well as an appropriate treatment. That’s just the beauty of affiliate marketing! If pain shoots down from your lower back, through your bottom, and into your leg, the culprit may be your sciatic nerve. All about rabbits, rodents, hares and more! If you bond with your rabbit and spend time together, it will form a social bond with you and will come to love you. Do you perform this maneuver on your rabbit? I’ve been giving him hay every day and he eats it all, when you pet him, you can feel his spine, and he’s light as a feather. Rabbits who are tranced have depressed reflexes, poor muscle tone and a drop in all vital signs (heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure). Will you do this with your rabbit going forward? hello, i have a 10 month old dog (poodle mix) and i never really worried about this, but i can feel her spine. Help! Back and neck pain is common in rabbits and can be due to a range of conditions. any foods that will help him gain weight? In their study, the rabbits exhibited fear behaviors during TI. Ensure they have enough space to run and jump, and fill their hutch with toys. Stress is a significant problem for many rabbits. If the rabbit is not able to move or get around, it may require basic hygiene care such as regular baths and a constant change of bedding. I just moved into a new condo and my year old holland lop Lola won't step on the stone floor. In the wild, rabbits cover large distances sprinting for the cover of the burrow when danger threatens. How can I make my rabbit feel more comfortable on stone floor? It is understandably something that would seem to promote bonding. How should I discipline my rabbit? Providing a stimulating environment for your rabbit can stave off boredom. He eats well and is otherwise healthy. My rabbit is finally getting comfortable with me and allowing me to pet her. My rabbit has wet fur under his mouth. Going through it will help you know if the problem caused by injury, tooth spur, gas, indigestion, or blockage. How to safely pick up your rabbit to prevent injury. In 1839, Charles Darwin termed this the “death feint” – a play-dead tactic used as a last-ditch attempt to survive. They’re small and defenseless, and natural prey to many larger animals. The “death feint” can help a wild rabbit should it be out of options with a predator. If you do purchase, thank you! Yes rabbits feel pain, I'm the anesthesiologist for our exotic pet surgeries and I can guarantee they feel pain. My Mountain Husky • Is it bad if I can feel my dog's spine? I am an Associate with Amazon Associates and other affiliates. Is this normal or should I be worried? Rabbits can also sustain this kind of trauma (although rarely) ... Any disease that causes a rabbit to feel weak can cause hind limb weakness and can be confused with a true neurological disease. 23 ways to discourage your rabbit from digging up your carpet. Dr. Varga describes the physiology behind this freeze response, which she describes as a “transitory and reversible state of profound motor inhibition,” that occurs in prey species under threatening or stressful conditions. Trancing your rabbit. I will provide a link to this article titled “Trancing Rabbits: relaxed hypnosis or a state of fear?” at the end of this post. He is not in a trance. They concluded that both the physiological and behavioral responses were indicative of a fear motivated stress state. Whatever you call it, there are varying opinions about what it does and whether or not it is harmful. Dr. Vanderlip does not discuss one way or the other whether hypnotizing your rabbit is good or bad but leaves the impression that it is only for brief care and examination. The idea is to trick the predator into loosening its grip just long enough for the rabbit to escape. What Can I Give My Rabbit For Pain? I have 2 female rabbits, one is nearly 2 years old and the other is about 6 months old. And this is Pudge, the inspiration behind it all. His feces seem normal and healthy to me and he eats very regularly, is he losing wait? Nothing else, no skin, no bones, nothing but some fur blowing about and a bloody pile of guts. It is normal to feel your rabbit's spine, ribs and hip bones as long as they are covered with a 'healthy' layer of tissue/fat. If your rabbit has suffered from mild to moderate trauma to the spinal column, can maintain urinary and bowel continence, and has sensation in the toes, cage rest may be indicated for treatment. The veterinarian will first want to rule out common causes of back pain, such as degenerative joint disease, certain forms of arthritis and even dental disease may lead to similar symptoms. In some cases, however, certain steroid medications are used in rabbits to assist in wound healing or to protect against ulcers. I'm worried about him, is there anything i can do? You can read the RWAF page on this topic here. This is scientifically proven fact, not opinion”. Dislocation and paralysis in rabbits are often caused by trauma to the spinal cord. Can rabbits feel love? Please note that this post contains affiliate links and any sales made through such links will reward me a small…. My cinnabun Churro looks really skinny for his size. That was our intention with this video as well. At least one report stated that a rabbit suffered a heart attack and died in the arms of a groomer while in this dorsal recumbent position. This is my bunny Pudge happily napping. This reputable organization does not mince words on this topic at all. After TI, there was an increased frequency in hiding and grooming coupled with a decrease in exploration. I don’t know if he’s supposed to be this size or if he’s supposed to be heavier, either way I’m concerned for this lad. A part of monitoring their anesthetic depth you do a pain response by squeezing their toes, if they pull back/kick they are too light. I noticed when feeling in between her shoulder blades, I could feel small hard bumps (what I thought might be the spine), but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be able to feel them? But they look cute on their backs, and the vet does it all the time! For my part, I will not use this method because after my research I do believe this to be a stressful and frightening maneuver for rabbits. Many also refer to this process as trancing, hypnotizing or mesmerizing. Regular exercise and a healthy diet rich in fresh greens will help prevent or reduce obesity, a contributing factor to this spinal disorder. i have a 6 and a half year old rabbit with cancer of the uterus and its spread, she's lost so much weight around her spine and hips, and as days go on she seemed more distressed, but still eats and is happy to run around when i let her out but has much less energy. Many loving and caring rabbit owners and even practitioners in the veterinary field have performed this measure on rabbits. Any idea what predator could quite cleanly disembowel a rabbit? MediRabbit.com. ----- We believe that education is essential for every people. Observe your rabbit's breathing to see if it is rapid or heavy. X-rays, however, are generally used to identify osteophytes in the spinal column and diagnose spondylosis. i have a pretty old male rabbit, i adopted him so i'm not sure how old exactly, but around 10 years old. Inexperienced handlers can easily fracture a rabbit’s spine picking it up. Noting that previous research describes the physiological responses to TI, the authors set out to study the behavioral responses in rabbits both during and after this maneuver. They completely lose the ability to right themselves. You should never hit your rabbit to discipline it. He has a constant supply of timothy hay, food with alot of good stuff in it like dried carrots, sunflower seeds, and dried banana. Your pet may require cage confinement for 6 – 8 weeks. Is it bad to put your rabbit on its back? i feed them generic pellets but i mix them with fruits and sunflower seeds since cheap pellets are very low in fat, but they still feel a bit skinny when i pat them Fauve de Bourgogne rabbit presenting a deformity of the spine. These included flattened ears, widened eyes, increased muscle tension, and overt struggling. This usually happens because the front end is held firmly while the back end kicks.

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